What Our Customers Are Saying About Freure Homes

“Dear Sara,  I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to your wonderful team for all the attention and care that was put into the construction of my beautiful home. I’m just about settled in and I couldn’t be happier. The entire purchasing process and the quality of the home’s workmanship exceeded my expectations. Sara, the personal attention I received from you was outstanding. Communicating with you was pleasant and efficient. Thank you for your prompt responses to all the questions which I had. Annie and Fahad were very helpful and patient while I was choosing the options for my home. Annie did a great job to understand my tastes and desires, and her recommendations were fantastic.  Finally, I would like to thank Stan and Paul for their quality work. The excellent quality and workmanship of my new home is a reflection of their attention to detail and great supervisory skills. Thank so much for building the home that I will love and enjoy for many years to come.
Mr & Mrs WRB
“"Today we spent lots of time learning about everything and trying to take this PDI all in. No pressure to sign anything without a full discussion and explanation, perfect show and tell!  What an amazing team of people work for Freure Homes, start to finish! I am speechless. The house is absolutely beautiful, displaying top quality, pride of workmanship and total customer service! Wow! Thank you just doesn't seem to say enough, but thank you to everyone involved! Can't wait until Monday to show our family! This is truly Christmas for us!"”
Ann Marie and Gregory
““Ann Marie and I wanted to tell you (Nathalie-Interior Designer) how happy we are with our new FREURE Home. We moved in on July 29th, and we have been unpacking every day since then. The house looks wonderful, and it looks great on the outside. We want to thank you for your good advice several months ago when you helped us to pick the interior finishes and colors and tiles and flooring, and the exterior colours. The exterior package [bricks, siding, eavestroughs and doors] really look Great all together.  I think we have the best looking house on the Street! And it is all thanks to YOU...!” “It has been a good experience and SARA & DARYL made it all go more smoothly! Thanks again for EVERYTHING!””


Tooba Inam
“Dear Builder, We recently purchased and moved into a brand new detached house on Huron Woods site.  This was our 4th brand new house purchase over the years.  We have dealt with many new home builders in the past but our experience with Freure Homes was absolutely Phenomenal.  Right from the very beginning when we met Fahad (sales rep.) we were pleasantly surprised.  Fahad was very professional, knowledgably and extremely cooperative.  Fahad was extremely helpful/devoted in helping us find the right lot, the right layout, and helped us throughout the whole process until we moved into our new home.  We have recommended Freure Homes to our friends and Family and are considering buying an investment property as a result in the near future.  Keep up the good work!!!”
Brittany Parker
“Hi Gary, My boyfriend purchased the model home on Westcliff Way and we just had a few questions about credits so I contacted Daryl. I wanted to start off first of all by saying how much we love our home and how helpful Daryl has been for us. I'm sure he has gone above and beyond what is required of him when it comes to helping out myself and Bryan. He has been there to answer any and all of our questions and has made our transition into our new home much easier than we had expected! He has been a tremendous help and we couldn't be more appreciative! Thank you in advance for your help!  ”



Steve Hilliard
“Dear Freure Homes, We just moved into our new home at Westcliff Way in Cambridge. My wife and I just wanted to pass along our thanks to everyone involved with the building of our home. We enjoyed working with everyone from start to finish. Rick, David and Chris helped us out so much with the design and upgrades. They had a lot of patience for all the questions and changes during the early stages of construction. Your trades were great to work with; all of them were polite and did not make us feel like we were putting them out in any way. They answered any questions we had and made good suggestions for some changes. Darryl was so helpful during the entire process. He always kept me informed of what stage the house was at and kept me informed about what was coming up in the schedule. The trades have a lot of respects for him and were on site on time. Darryl didn't let anything slide and if it wasn't up to his standards he would get it changed. He does care about the people buying the house and wants them totally satisfied when they move in. The other Freure employees that were on site - DJ, Wolfgang, and Jerry were great to deal with. They also did top quality work and truly cared about the work they did. If there were any issues big or small that we came across they were dealt with immediately. We are totally happy and look forward to spending many years in this great house!! Thank you to Freure Homes, we appreciate everything you have done for us.”
Elizabeth Schwartz
“To Daryl George, Freure Homes I am writing this letter to let you know how grateful I am for everything that you have done to ensure that I am satisfied with my home purchase from Freure Homes. From the very beginning you were extremely helpful and accommodating with every detail that I had a question about or needed advice. You have kept me updated on the building process of my home. You have always made yourself available regardless of your busy schedule. I was very impressed how you have always been able to address my concerns and coordinate all the follow up touch ups at my home in a very timely manner. This purchase was my first experience with Freure Homes and I can honestly say that your professionalism and work ethic is a big reason that I would recommend this company to my friends. Thank you.  ”
Ann & Joe Konyari
“Dear Freure Homes, We have moved into our new home well over seven months ago now and just getting used to it we are loving it more each day. Everyone knows moving can be extremely stressful and difficult, well not this time believe it or not everything went nice and smooth. Since Tina introduced us to Daryl the site supervisor he made sure that everything went accordingly, like he always said, "We want you to be happy". If we had a question Daryl was there to answer it. If there was ever a problem he would look into it right away always with a smile on his face. I remember when Daryl said that he has been working for Freure for over 10 years because they are different, building quality houses and using top quality materials because they want the purchaser to be happy in their new home. Also, their staff goes far beyond, like when Tina showed up on our moving day with flowers to welcome us, Daryl still stops in front of our house and asks me if everything is okay, as well as the emails we get from head office to make sure everything is going well. All of the neighbours have only nice things to say about the builder and their staff. Thank you Sara, Janet, Tina, Bill, Daryl and thank you Freure Homes. It is definitely your team effort that makes people feel at home.”
Eneas Guerra
“To the team of Freure Homes, We will always be here to remind any future home owners of the importance of dealing with honest hardworking people such as yourselves. We were extremely happy with our new home. On a project this size to have only a few items to look after on your pre-delivery inspection is a real accomplishment. The paint job, the flooring, and the way the doors and window frames were perfectly squared in the corners. A lot of what was taken care of were small details that could have easily escaped the crew. What impressed us was the quality of workmanship. Not to mention the fact that it was delivered on time. Also noteworthy was the manner in which the people worked together to prevent issues from cropping up. Attention to detail and dutifulness of Tina Kovacevic when creating change orders, and going over every detail and reminding us of possible alternative items that had escaped us. The resourceful, knowledgeable and energetic way that Nathalie Freure kindly advised us on the choice of patterns, colours and features so that they wouldn't clash. The hard work from people such as Janet Burns, Shirley Ross and Mike Anstead that always had time to answer questions and discuss the smallest of issues. The diligent way Daryl George and his crew paid attention to instructions and requests. Going out of their way to point out details of assembly and in turn educating us on the construction process. The quick response and follow up of subsequent issues. Finally, the expeditious and very gentle way that Bill George conducted the pre-delivery.”
Jordan and Kayla Figueiredo
“Dear Freure Homes, We are writing this letter to thank you for the exceptional work that was done on the building of our home on Woodpecker court in Cambridge. We are incredibly grateful for your staff and crew that were involved in building our home. Since we lived in close proximity to the site we were around often. I know this can be a great disturbance for most builders and on-site supervisors, but not with Freure. As first time home buyers we were filled with countless questions. When we initially met Daryl we inundated him with these questions and in a very patient and kind manner he answered all of them succinctly and in a matter of fact way. He was able to breakdown various stages of the building process to give us extreme confidence in your company. His calm demeanour went a long way in making this a seamless endeavour. Daryl continues to be in contact with many people in the neighbourhood as their main point of contact with the company. As we watched him answer the questions of others and our own, it became clear that he is a vital person in the Freure home building company. We have heard numerous accounts of other site supervisors who are distant, unreachable, and unresponsive should an issue arise, so our experience was pleasant and an unexpected surprise. Finally we would like to say that we are excited and thankful to be living in the gorgeous home you have built us, and very appreciative that Daryl was the site supervisor. His attention to detail and willingness to only accept the best is evident in the quality of our home. We know that most businesses only hear from their clients when they have complaints, but this is not that letter. Please be sure to share this with Daryl and his crew as they really deserve so much credit for the happiness we feel in our home.”
Robert F. Taweel
“It has now been over a year since I moved into the new home on Hardcastle Drive. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people at Freure Homes, who made the whole experience pleasant and memorable. With any major purchase, such as a home, there were some 'road bumps' but the staff at Freure were always quick to address any concern and ensure that I was always satisfied. I would like to make a special mention and thanks to Darryl the site supervisor at Highland Ridge, DJ his assistant, Shirley Ross and Les - after sales support, who are all behind the scenes making things happen.”