How many years of experience does Freure homes have?2018-08-08T06:51:33-04:00

We are one of the oldest builders in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, being in business for 60 years. The owner, Harold Freure continues to look for new sites and ways to improve our houses with you in mind.

Is there a model home available for a tour?2019-04-04T21:27:48-04:00

Yes, each of our subdivisions have a model you can tour.

  • Huron Woods
  • Highland Ridge
  • Highland Trails
  • Saddlebrook
  • Woodcrest
What are the lot sizes?2018-08-08T06:50:28-04:00

We offer different lot sizes for each of our subdivisions. Please check out our subdivisions below to find a lot for you:
Huron Woods
Highland Ridge
Highland Trails

Can I see my home during construction?2018-08-08T06:49:17-04:00

Due to safety and insurance concerns, we cannot allow you to enter the home while it is under construction unless you are with a Freure Homes Representative. We do offer a rough-in inspection once all the framing, electrical, heating and plumbing rough-ins have been completed. This gives you the chance to see your home before it is drywalled.

What is the overall buying process?2019-04-02T20:32:57-04:00

After purchasing your new home, you will have 14 days to decide if you want to make any major changes.
After that, you will need to go select your exterior colour package and all your interior selections at our Design Centre.
If you decide to do any other changes, you will need to have them in before the building permit is issued. This is usually 5 to 6 months before your closing date.
After all of your selections have been finalized you will have a rough-in inspection and lastly a PDI to make sure the house is in perfect condition.

What kind of landscaping can I expect?2018-08-08T06:48:22-04:00

A fully sodded front and back yard is included in your new home. We are also one of the few builders that include a base coat asphalt to complete your brand new home.

When do I get to go to the design centre?2019-04-02T20:34:37-04:00

All purchasers and potential purchasers can visit the Design Centre. The Design Centre shows all of our standard interior and exterior features that come with your new home as well as any extras you can choose from.

Can I make changes to the floor plan?2018-08-08T06:47:19-04:00

Yes, you can make changes to the floor plan within 21 days from acceptance of the offer. Our floor plans show different options you can choose from but additional alterations may be possible.

What is a PDI?2018-08-08T06:46:54-04:00

A PDI is a pre-delivery inspection. The PDI takes place within a week prior to closing. The site superintendent will go through the house with you to make sure everything is in pristine condition. For more information about your warranty, please see the Tarion website (www.tarion.com).

Will I get help when I select my colours/finishes?2018-08-08T06:46:21-04:00

Yes, we have an interior decorator that helps you choose all your selections. She will make an appointment with you to select all your interior selections a few weeks after the purchase of your new home is accepted and firm.

What is a quick possession?2018-08-08T06:45:48-04:00

A quick possession is a new home that is already finished or almost finished with a 30-60 day closing period. To see what quick possession homes we have available now, click here.

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